RJW Guitar Repair

 Seattle,  WA.

 Tele. 206 949 8447

Email. rjwguitarrepair@comcast.net

Available Monday - Sunday by appointment only

When you call please note that because I run a one man shop I am sometimes unable to answer the phone directly. Iím usually unavailable no more than briefly so if you call and donít reach me please wait a few minutes and try again. You can almost always reach me if you are persistent.

Or if you prefer to leave a message, please do and I will return your call as soon as possible.

For those who send me E-mail please note that I do not feel obligated to answer requests for step by step D I Y repair instructions. If I do respond to such a request, I reserve all copyrights to my response.

For those who would inquire about employment or apprenticeships, please note that I am not taking applications at this time. If or when that changes I will post application instructions here.


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