One of the more notable guitars I have restored was a Guild S-100™ that belongs to Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil. The guitar came to me in a cardboard box in pieces. The neck was broken off, the body had multiple fractures, and all the hardware was in a paper bag. It was literally a basket case. I glued the body back together, reset the neck, installed new frets and a new nut. Then I refinished the guitar in a nice white polyurethane, reassembled and rewired it, leveled, crowned and polished the frets and finally, did all the set up adjustments. Kim was apparently happy with the finished results because it became his “...main guitar ever since.” ( Click on a picture to see accompanying Guitar World article. Used with permission.)  

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Kim's Guild S-100

Kim's Guild S-100




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Keith Montgomery of A Little Big Band, said, “Thanks for the great work on my blue Guild Sky Hawk X-79™. I picked it up used and it just sat around for about 12 years. It was unplayable due to buzzing frets and a deep gouge in the neck. I asked if you could just make it playable, and you made it highly useable by fixing the neck, re-fretting it and setting the action. That guitar is 1 of 790 made in the early 80’s and it’s a lefty, which makes it even more rare. Below is some information on that Guild: Thanks again for the good work and I will send them all your way.  Keith, guitarist for LITTLE BIG BAND Sea Wa.”


“My stock Warwick Thumb™ just wasn’t metal enough for me, so I started looking for a shop that could take my bass to the next level. I wanted custom EMG pickups installed along with a Kahler tremolo but because of the curvature of the bass and limited room for the bridge I wasn’t sure it was even possible. I couldn’t find a shop that dared to make the attempt until I brought it to RJW guitars. Richard not only made the attempt, he made it look and play great. Thanks Rich.”

Matt Mitchell

Bass player for “A Lesson In Chaos”


Here’s Matt with his one of a kind Warwick Thumb™. You can see photos of the work being done in the “Do you work on bass guitars?” answer from the FAQ page.


“After bringing my mandolin, bass, 12 string, and two guitars to Richard I am more than satisfied. He is fabulous and an artist at his craft. Plus he is cost effective. I couldn’t be happier. I took my mandolin to another shop first which didn’t or couldn’t fix the problem, but Richard took it and problem solved.”  David Parker at David plays with the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra.